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Learn speed reading, be a speed reader, and improve your reading skills. Improve your perspective and achieve your life goals through the courses, books, videos, audios, software on speed reading and self help, by world renown authority Dr. Jay Polmar, helping students and adults worldwide for 33 years.

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Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!

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Speed Read America, Inc. History

History of Speedread America

Speedread America, Inc. is a not-profit educational research organization whose purpose is "to furnish speedreading and educational improvement programs to those wanting educational benefit." We are also a non-profit corporation through U.L.C. 501C3 in California and all our educational products are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws.

History of Speedread in Only One Hour

In 1977, an overstressed forms/systems designer and production consultant, Jay C. Polmar, left New York with its heavy pressures to study stress management and generally improve the quality of his life and health.

In his travels Jay discovered an excessive amount of information from psychiatry, psychology, and even ancient mysterious fraternities and religions. So much information in fact, that he found it hard to truly prepare for his doctoral studies.

Jay needed to learn accelerated learning methods to keep up with all the information he found. Late in 1979 Jay discovered speed reading.

He was fascinated by the different methods that existed. All apparently stemmed from the originator Evelyn Wood. Jay studied various reading and super learning improvement books in libraries, listened to educational enhancement audio tapes, watched video tapes and took more college courses. He then reviewed and went back to study the educational motivation acceleration methods taught by his revered mentor Lee Landfried from Pennsylvania.

In late 1979 Jay Polmar, not yet Dr. Jay, taught his first Speed reading course in Kingsville, Texas for a Silva Mind control instructor.

Soon "Dr." Jay was teaching speedreading in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, Florida and Colorado.

Every other year Dr. Jay rewrote the program to make it work more automatically.

Over this 14 year period, the two day, 14 hour course had been fine tuned, honed-down and condensed into a series of tests, techniques, methods and automatic reinforcement technology.

In 1994 a surgical error forced Dr. Jay Polmar to a painful retirement. By that time Dr. Jay had taught speed reading classes to many thousands at colleges, universities and private corporations.

Since retirement, the program has been re-edited by E. L. Kretschmar a retired high school vice principal. Speedread in Only One Hour is a whittled-down, one-hour program that is extremely effective and inexpensive.

You Will Double Your Reading Speed! Or even TRIPLE!!! (If you meet the minimum requirement of an education with at least a 5th grade English reading level.) Learn it in one hour - then practice it for 30 days. It works! Thousands attest to it.